A Coach's Guide To Self-Reflection

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Why is self-reflection critical for coaches and supervisors?
How could you enhance you self-reflection capability?
What approaches, models and tools could you use to self reflect?

An excerpt from the foreword:

You are in for a treat. There are few, if any, texts written about the science and the art of self reflection. Mark Bisson has produced an important resource for all who aspire to be a professional coach. This book explains well researched theories and the practice of self-reflection through the lens of a practitioner who has invested hugely in his own development. The reader is privileged to share his learnings, his reflections and his confidences which have resulted in a tried and tested toolkit for application in many reflective situations.
Whether you are a coach, supervisor or trainer, in-house or freelance, you will find much to support your development. This is a book which helps you learn in a practical way whilst providing a solid foundation of well researched principles on which to base your new knowledge and experiences, if you are new to coaching or have been doing it for some time. You will find ways to stretch your thinking and creativity, and extend your skills. How far you take it is up to you.

Dr Sally Vanson
Stiffkey, Norfolk. 2016