"Even in a group of senior managers and leaders Mark stood out as someone who really understands people. His ability to communicate on many levels, appropriately empathise and quickly build rapport meant that he quickly gained trust from a range of people. Mark's support for me on my coaching journey has contributed to success and next steps in really practical ways as well as enabling me to become a deeper reflective practitioner. Thank you Mark"

Rose Wisdom, Director, RJW Education Consultancy Ltd

 “I really felt Mark gave me space to think. Mark challenged me sufficiently to make me feel the sessions were useful and worthwhile. I also felt Mark listened incredibly well, using active non-verbal and verbal cues, never demonstrating impatience and always picking up themes that were worth exploring. I really valued Mark’s honesty when I asked for feedback which he provided in a supportive way”

Gillian Jones, Director, Emerge uk

“Mark has been very intuitive in each of the sessions we have had together, listening,well, picking up on the dynamics between me and himself (the Supervisor) and  me and my coachee’s work and picked up on parallel dynamics, which I thought was very astute of him”.

Elisabeth Tootill, Director,CTI Ltd

 Mark has been working with Ofsted providing one to one coaching with 4 members of my team. This activity was identified to support the individuals during a period of change and transition and for them to consider the individual impact. Since Mark has been working with my team I have noticed significant improvements in self esteem, confidence and a will to engage in the change that the team is going through. Unsolicited feedback from the individuals has been very positive. They have commented on Marks ability to quickly build a rapport his communication and listening skills and at the same time his ability to positively challenge and encourage them to think in different ways. Without exception I have seen performance improvements in all of the individuals in a variety of different ways.”

Sarah Keyes Head of Learning and Development Ofsted

“Mark has been working with our organisation for a number of years mainly as a facilitator of team building and strategy days for over 30 voluntary organisations. We have found him reliable , constructive and able to manage difficult situations while always remaining aware of any sensitivities. He has a good knowledge of the sector and the issues it faces. I have no hesitation in recommending him to any organisation.”

Jean Roberts Jones Chief Executive Surrey Community Action


“Mark is an exceptional coach and a highly intuitive training professional. He brings his wealth of business and management experience to his interventions meaning that they are grounded in a sold base of tried and tested experience. I would recommend Mark to anyone who wants someone who can create positive and lasting results.

Vicki Hodge, Learning and Development Manager (MCIPD)


“Mark facilitated an eye opening Teamscape (Facet 5) session for our new team. Everyone found the session useful as it gave us an insight into to our individual and collective working styles. Mark really challenged our thinking and got us to consider next steps including an approach our areas for development. This was my first time working with Mark but I have no doubt we will use his facilitation skills again.

Jess Falconer, OD Consultant, Kingston University

 " Mark was commissioned to undertake a team development day for a large group of staff. The group had low morale issues and little sense of team identity. Mark followed our organisational processes to design a team development day which is low key and focuses on the team having some fun time together but at the same time building a team spirit and trust to improve communication and performance within the team. The proposal that was put together was very well received by the team manager as meeting specific needs in an innovative and creative way.”

Sarah Keyes head of Learning and Development Ofsted


Mark’s relaxed informal coaching style immediately put me at ease. I was surprised how much I spoke, yet Mark kept me on track, providing insightful reflections and enabling me to identify some next steps which have made a real difference back at work.”

  Claire Marks, Head of Client Services, City and Guilds

I worked with Mark for five years at Surrey County Council and during this time we designed and delivered a senior management coaching programme. Mark is both an excellent coach and facilitator. He has a significant strength in challenging groups to explore new territory whilst giving confidence through his calm, natural and authentic style. As a coach he is both thoughtful and intuitive, helping coachees to find insights through important questions, helpful reflections and real, genuine listening.”

Ellie Rayner OD consultant Surrey County Council

I recently had the pleasure of benefiting from Mark’s coaching. I had not received coaching before. The meetings with Mark exceeded my high expectations. Mark brings a set of tools and techniques that he offers to you in order to master a specific challenge. He is very intuitive in picking techniques that really help to look at challenges from different angles and to draw conclusions. I found our meetings extremely fruitful. Mark is an exceptional professional and I would recommend him as a coach.”

Stefan Gläser, CFO arvato UK & Ireland

 "When I approached HR for coaching to help me work through some work challenges I was fortunate to be introduced to Mark.  He set out clearly what I could expect from him and what he would expect of me.  Mark’s approachability made me feel at ease from the outset, giving me confidence in our ability to have genuinely open discussions.  Those conversations were always constructive and Mark’s skilled use of coaching tools helped to unblock my thinking on some quite difficult issues.  Although he is clearly an experienced executive himself, he remained focussed on encouraging me to take responsibility for the substance of our discussions and for the actions that arose.  Mark sought and provided feedback in a way which made me think deeply both before and after our discussions.  I would confidently recommend Mark as a coach.

Campbell Cowie Director of Internet Policy, Ofcom

"I chose Mark to support my thinking around future career options in the next 18 months as I leave a long career in the public sector. In the three sessions Mark developed a good understanding of my current situation and used a range of relevant tools to explore and understand more deeply my work/career preferences. These were very insightful for me and helped me understand my preferences, dislikes and aspirations for future work/career options.

I found working with Mark a real pleasure and felt completely comfortable with his approach, his ability to adapt to my preferred style and helped me work through some difficult areas internal conflict. The sessions have enabled me to be clearer about my future options and provided me with an growing confidence in making the choices I will be faced with".

Mark Rayner, Hampshire fire and Rescue