George: The Cat Who Lost His Confidenc cover
George: The Cat Who Lost His Confidence

If you are looking for a book to support you in having conversations with your child about their self–confidence look no further.

George: The Cat Who Lost His Confidence is a children’s book which highlights issues surrounding self-confidence.

The book establishes a link between fables and creating awareness in a fun, creative way with guidance to parents and carers on how to use a coaching approach, questions, and creative tools to support children’s reflection.

George the cat is sad because he has lost his confidence and decides that he wants to be a fox instead. Grandad fox helps George become aware of what he likes about himself. When Freddie the fox cub is drowning in the swimming pool, George needs to act quickly and show great courage in order to rescue him. Will George decide that he likes being himself after all?

Mark uses his professional coaching expertise to help parents and carers support their children to think more clearly and guide them to organise their thoughts and feelings about the tricky topic of inner confidence. George the cat and Grandad fox offer a delightful, child-friendly introduction to the world of self-confidence - and more importantly how to combat the impact of negative comparisons by coaching your child to focus on their skills, talents and attributes.

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